I Help Creative Entrepreneurs

Grow Their

Business Online

Join me as I teach you how to Create & Scale your business into a client-generating and cash-flow machine.

Growing a creative business is already extremely difficult and overly stressful, especially if you are struggling with…

Inconsistent Clients

Are you constantly trying to juggle finding new clients, working on current client work and not knowing if you have the time to do both?

Lack of Cashflow

Are you working one job to the next, taking on whatever you can just so that you can pay the bills, knowing you chose this life for freedom?

No Creative Freedom

You got into the creative space to master your craft, not be flooded with paperwork and client proposals, all so your clients can control you.

So, who am I? Who is Joel Adam Smith?

Well, I am a creative entrepreneur just like yourself, where my craft is marketing and business. And after 10 years of digital marketing helping many small, medium and large companies reach their business goals, it is time to branch out on my own and help other creative entrepreneurs build and grow their business online.

Enjoy my video, it’s raw, it’s definitely not polished, it took me many takes, but it is 100% me 🙂


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