Journey to Self Mastery | The Manifesto

“Making your mark on this world is easy!” They Say…

But for a lot of people, especially myself, taking the plunge towards your dreams and aspirations is more than turning on the coffee machine and getting straight into work.

Instead it is a gut wrenching experience of self doubt, lack of confidence, guilt for not working and unhappiness… let me explain how “easy” making your mark really is to me…

Let’s start with some questions?

Do you find yourself dreaming that you could be successful one day?

How about wanting to be financially free to travel the world and do what you love?

As these ideal dreams, aspirations and desires start to manifest in your mind, does a darkness slowly creep into your mind and take over, leaving you with…

You don’t have the skills to be successful… Those people know {specific knowledge} where you don’t… You’re not good enough…

So the dream is strangled out of mind and you go back to your day job. Or worse you go back to the business idea drawing board and rinse and repeat.

Stop me if I’m getting close.

Let me tell you. You are not alone. I suffer with you.

But it is no wonder we feel like this.

We are constantly bombarded with the elaborate dream lifestyle – money, success, and power.

We are constantly advertised “easy” it is to became successful by following this “one” strategy.

We are constantly watching inspirational people telling us we can do it.

And for me, I have been suckered into all of these misconceptions of what success is, and how easy it is to achieve wealth, happiness and freedom… all to be in the same exact spot I was in when I started after at least 7 years of “doing” but not moving.


Because I was chasing that golden ticket.

I start psyched, ready and motivated to get into action.

And when I see a hurdle, I convince myself that maybe this isn’t for me… Maybe I need another strategy that requires less work and makes more money…. I find one, get ready again, and find another new thing. Rinse and repeat.

After years of doing this, what do you think this has done to my self appreciation?

What do you think this has done to my level of confidence to achieve success?

After every failed “attempt” at starting, I have convinced myself that the right thing to do is to learn something else, when the hard work hadn’t even started yet…

It wasn’t until I took the hard look within myself that things started to make sense.

Inside was the maze of limiting beliefs, self doubt, lack of clarity, lack of perseverance… an overall negative look at myself.

With that eye opening look, it was time to start the right way.

Self Mastery - how to start
Thanks to Gary Vee, everyone now has the layout to start moving. If you haven’t had a chance check out the video by clicking on the image.

So this is step one, let me introduce myself and my WHAT:

Hi, I’m Joel Adam Smith and this is my Manifesto:


From today I will be documenting my journey towards Self Mastery.

I am tired of not trusting myself.

I am tired of feeling like everything I start will eventually end in a failure (making even writing this first article difficult).

I am tired of having the love ones in my life see me as the one who comes up with ideas, starts them but never finishes.

I am tired that I don’t have the confidence to provide for my family.

And the only way to overcome all of these hurdles is to finally move to Self Mastery.

Self Mastery is the ultimate sense of self-awareness and personal development.

It requires you to not only know who you are, but also enhance the fundamental personal features that are required for success.

With that in mind, the Journey to Self Mastery will require the identification and audit of these success features through self reflection, research and coaching.

However, the area of Self Mastery is huge!

Instead of trying to master everything at once, I will focus on one area at a time.

To find out where to start will require a Self-Audit.

Without the Self Audit, the journey of Self Mastery is unknown at this stage. However, that doesn’t mean I want stop moving towards it. I have had the pleasure to meet, watch and be inspired by those who have mastered self and truly believe everyone should live their life like them.

Documenting this journey from self doubt to self mastery is a personal one, but I know many other suffer through this, so I want to encourage you to reach out.

So if there are any others out there in the same boat as me, please join me, then at least we can row through these tough waves of self sabotage together, making sure we both survive and succeed.

Here is to our Self Mastery!